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Titanium 0.7 has just been released, and some of the features do look rather exciting.

By far, the best new feature is PHP support, which adds a whole new dimension to Titanium development. It will also facilitate the porting of existing codebases and frameworks to Titanium apps, potentially increasing the market substantially.

Another great new feature is the introduction of native social APIs. You will be able to connect to Yahoo YQL, Facebook Connect and Twitter all from directly in a Titanium application.

There are a quite a few smaller changes, and while I have yet to confirm it, I have it on good authority that Titanium 0.7 also now supports native drag and drop functionality.

Things are really looking good and Titanium seems to be maturing nicely.


In some exciting news from Appcelerator, they have launched Appcelerator University (or App U for short), which allow you to host training sessions for Titanium.

They provide all the materials you need, as well as extras like t-shirts and pennants. And don’t worry if you don’t know what to talk about, they also provide prepared presentations for you to use.

If anyone is interested in hosting or attending an event, or if anyone in the Cape Town area would like me to host such an event, please leave some comments. I would love to hear your views.


I got contacted a few days ago by the Appcelerator Titanium team with some rather exciting news. Appcelerator are interested in hosting a Webinar on Titanium, particularly tailored to you, my readers, interests.

I would like to encourage anyone who is interested to leave a comment with when would suit you to hold it, and any topics which you would like to discus. I will then let Appcelerator know, and then we can organise it.

Hope to hear from all of you….


For the last few weeks I have been playing around with Appcelerator Titanium.

It all began at work where we were researching the best platform to write some client tools for the KnowledgeTree document management software which we produce. Adobe Air was our initial first choice, but after doing a few demos of Titanium versus Air, we have finally settled on Titanium.

Titanium is an awesome platform, and I was rooting for it from the start, so I am very glad we have decided to use it, although, like all things in life, there is a down side.

Titanium is cutting edge. So cutting edge, that the beta release was only released two days before our second demo.
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