Noop is the latest new language to hit the headlines. It is pronouced “Noh – awp” according to their site, taking it’s name from the Assemby language operation denoting no operation.

Part of the reason it has seen some interest is that some people are reporting this as Google releasing a new language, which is not quite technically correct. Noop is being developed by a group of independent developers as a side project, a few of which happen to work at Google.

Noop is built on the Java Virtual Machine and is syntactically similar to Java. What it adds, though, is dependency injection and testability functionality built directly into the language.

Development on the language is still at an early phase, but I do hope that they release something to the public in the near future. There is no binary to download, although, the source code is available from their online repository.

While I will admit that Java is one of my least favourite languages to work in, this language might be worth taking a look at, although only time will tell whether it will last or merely be another fad language which the programming world is littered with.