Ah, the joy of the free bi-annual contract upgrade. I love getting my new phone.

My newest choice, after much deliberation, was the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, which I got over the weekend. This phone is fantasic!

It is small and light, with a large screen taking up almost the entire face, and a very easy to use slide-out keyboard.

The phone runs on Windows Mobile 6.1, which has taken a few days to get totally used to, having previously been on Symbian phones. I know that Windows Mobile comes from the big evil, Microsoft, but I am finding it a really pleasurable experience using it. Being Windows, it interfaces incredibly well with my laptop, so I can easily transfer data and applications across.

I am also amazed at the slew of applications available for Windows Mobile, so I will have no shortage of new apps and games to try.

The one advertised downside of the phone is that it comes with a GPS, but not the GPS software, which you would have to download (and pay for) seperately. This almost swayed me away from it, however, after getting the phone, I discovered that the GPS in the phone is active and interfaces with Google Maps (comes pre-installed – very cool), and I have been able to download several free GPS applications for it. The feature I lose out on – unless I decide to pay – is a proper navigation system like on a TomTom or Garmin GPS unit.

All in all, I absolutely love this phone. It is by far the best phone I have ever owned. And no, I would not have been tempted by an iPhone. I specifically left out looking at the iPhone as I have serious issues with some of its features.

Anyway, I have to go play with my phone bit more now…..