CMIS 1.0 was released for public comment recently, and is available for comment until 22nd December.

For those of you who do not know what CMIS is, it stands for Content Management Interoperability Services, which is a specification for a standard model for webservices for within use by content management systems.

Put into similar language, CMIS allows different content management systems to easily communicate with each other. So, for example, You could have a document stored in a KnowledgeTree repository, and then be able to access that document using an aplication such as Al Fresco or any other application that is able to communicate using CMIS.

The latest release of KnowledgeTree 3.7, which the company I worked for released last week, has built-in support for CMIS 0.62. It is therefore exciting to see the specification moving toward a formal release of the CMIS specification.