If you are old as I am, then you are likely to remember a little game that came out a good number of years ago called Skifree.

You were a skier skiing down a slope with a number of hazards (and bonuses) along the way. The point was to avoid the hazards to get to the finish line in the fastest time.
The graphics are simplistic – even by the standards of the mesolithic when this game was popular, but people seemed to love it.

Enter 2009 and xkcd. The latest webcomic published yesterday features the game, and then something amazing happens. So many people started downloading the game after seeing it on xkcd that it brings a few of those sites down.

The whole of Reddit was abuzz about Skifree.

Then this morning, I noticed that someone had during their lunch hour yesterday decided to write a version of Skifree using an HTML Canvas. It is missing a lot but looks just like the original. The original reddit post I saw this mentioned on is here.

All of this over one game, that happened to be the subject of one webcomic on the internet. Media has certainly changed!