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A few days ago I posted blog containing a wealth of mathematical theory. Today I found another great mathematical resource.

This site by Paul Bourke is particularly interesting to programmers who want to develop graphical rich applications such as games, since it has a huge amount of articles explaining how 2D and 3D geometry,which forms the heart of graphics programming.


The PC-GPE, or to give it its full name, the PC Game Programmer”s Encyclopedia is ancient. I can remember treasuring my copy of it I had way back in high school, and I had thought that it had disappeared.

The PC-GPE is a comprehensive collection of articles on how to program various bits of hardware with particular emphasis on games. So things like how to program a VGA card, or joystick are covered.

Most of the hardware covered would appear archaic by today”s standards, but it was a classic in its day, and still has useful nuggets.