The world is an absurd place.

For those that have not been following the story in the news, on Wednesday, Caster won the woman’s 800m at the World Championships in Berlin with a massive lead getting a time of 1m 55.45s. What sparked off controversy was some people claiming that Caster is actually a man.

Now I know Caster has a fairly masculine appearance, which may cause people to speculate, but come on, the test to determine whether she cheated or not is simple. Just check to see what bits she has.

According to the seriously braindead authorities, it is rather more “complex” than that. I would like someone to explain that to me. Surely, if you have the right bits for being a woman, then genetically, you must be a woman, unless of course you underwent a sex change. And even then, you are fed so many hormones, your body essentially is female.

Let us also not forget the utter humiliation of a test like this. How many of us would be thrilled to have our gender – the very fabric of our being – called into question?

And, seriously, if she is a woman, but fails the gender test, then where exactly can she compete, since she won’t have the right bits to be considered a man, and fails the test to be considered a woman?

Another consideration about the ‘gender test’ is, where do you draw the line? Apparently they take things like hormones, DNA, etc into account when determining the results. What then about lesbians, for example? No offence meant to lesbians, but since they don’t follow the ‘normal’ definition of a woman by liking other women, then would they fail this ‘gender test’ too? Of course not!

All this really is, is a very bad case of sour grapes. Caster wins these races in spectacular fashion, and people immediately suspect that she is cheating.

Well done Caster, and I hope you go far!

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