Taxes are the bane of everybody’s life. No one likes to pay tax, but we all know we need to.

Yesterday, I submitted my tax return, and I must say that it was a painless, quick and easy process. The SA Revenue Service allows eFiling, which is a great way to electronically submit your tax return.

The great thing about this is that the form you need to complete comes pre-populated with all the IRP5 data from your employers, so most of the time, doing your tax is simply a matter of double-checking that everything is right and then clicking submit.

It is most surprising to find a government department that works so well. The South African government is full of corruption and ineptitude – I just need to mention Home Affairs, or Eskom to send shivers down any South African’s spine – but the revenue service is the one efficient bastion out of the lot.

At least they can get something right…