3D text using CSS3
A canine curiosity
A curious adventure in capturing key presses in Adobe Air
A few must-have The Movies mods
A few of my favourite train sims
A good CSS3 reference
A great library of computer science ebooks
A great science blog by Kamal Prasad
A great tool for designing circuits
A list of flash game engines
A mathematical graphing application in C#
A new encyclopedia of programming languages
A new project in the works
A Night Out to Bobbie Beer
A possible replacement for HTTP in the works
A simple city autocomplete field
A tale of two cultures
A tribute to my gran (15-02-1930 – 13-01-2011)
A tribute to the King of Pop
A visit to an old friend at Planet Kids
Adding CSS to an ASP.NET gridview sort column
Adobe Air 2.0 and Flash Player 10.1 betas have been launched
Adobe Air 2.0 coming early next year
Adventure on the railway
All I want for Christmas is a bullet-proof vest
An Aston Martin destroyed in a testdrive
An evening with The Eurovision Song Contest
An implementation of a binary tree in C#
AncestrySync for Geni
Another great mathematics resource
Any Serial Port
Anyone interested in a Titanium Webinar?
Appcelerator launces App U for Titanium
Aren’t we all barbarians
Assigning objects by value in Javascript
Astronomical calculations in C#: Airy discs
Astronomical calculations in C#: Calculating the angular diameter of a planet
Astronomical calculations in C#: Calculating the distance to the Moon
Astronomical calculations in C#: Calculating the Moon phase
Astronomical calculations in C#: Calculating the phase of a planet
Astronomical calculations in C#: Calculating the Sun’s position
Astronomical calculations in C#: Converting between equatorial and ecliptic coordinates
Astronomical calculations in C#: Converting between equatorial and galactic coordinates
Astronomical calculations in C#: Converting between equatorial and horizon coordinates
Astronomical calculations in C#: Finding the angular diameter of the Moon
Astronomical calculations in C#: Finding the angular diameter of the Sun
Astronomical calculations in C#: Finding the distance to a planet
Astronomical calculations in C#: Finding the distance to the Sun
Astronomical calculations in C#: Finding the eccentric anomaly of an orbit
Astronomical calculations in C#: Finding the magnitude of a planet
Astronomical calculations in C#: Finding the parallax of the Moon
Astronomical calculations in C#: Finding the position of the Moon
Astronomical calculations in C#: Finding the position of the planets
Astronomical calculations in C#: Handling degrees, minutes and seconds
Astronomical calculations in C#: On telescope apertures and focal ratio
Astronomical calculations in C#: Right ascension
Astronomical calculations in C#: Sidereal time
Astronomical calculations in C#: Telescope magnification and focal length
Astronomical calculations in C#: The basics of time
Astronomical calculations in C#: The Carrington Rotation Number
Astronomical calculations in C#: The distance to the horizon
Astronomical calculations in C#: The Julian day
Astronomy calculations in C#: Calculating Easter
Astronomy calculations in C#: Getting the age of the Moon
Astronomy calculations in C#: In which constellation is that again?
Bad code offsets to ease a guilty conscience
Barcodes in C#: EAN-13
Barcodes in C#: EAN-8
Barcodes in C#: Interleaved 2 of 5
Barcodes in C#: MSI
Barcodes in C#: Standard 2 of 5
Barcodes in C#: UPC-2
Barcodes in C#: UPC-5
Barcodes in C#: UPC-A
Barcodes in C#: UPC-E
Better JavaScript error handling with DamnIT
Better protection for users passwords
Binary tree traversals
Bone Fide OS Developer
Book review: Adobe Air for Dummies by Richard Wagner
Book review: Adobe AIR for Javascript Developers Pocket guide by Mike Chambers et al
Book review: Adobe Air with Ajax by Larry Ullman
Book review: CSS Cookbook by Christopher Schmitt
Book review: Elementary Linear Algebra by Howard Anton
Book Review: Getting started with Flex 3 by Jack Herrington and Emily Kim
Book review: Javascript: The Good Parts by Douglas Crockford
Book review: Legends, lies, and cherished myths of American History by Richard Shenkman
Book review: PHP5 and MySQL Bible by Tim Converse et al
Book Review: Practical Astronomy with your Calculator by Peter Duffett-Smith
Book Review: Pro Git by Scott Chacon
Book review: Professional JavaScript for Web Developers by Nicholas Zakas
Book review: Wireless Home Networking for Dummies by Danny Briere et al
Boolean goes multilingual between Javascript and C#
Cape of Storms 1 – Coal freighter 0
Cape of Storms 2: The Inundation
Carrier pigeon is officially faster than Telkom
Caster Semenya: When being a woman requires proof
Celebrating my heritage on Heritage Day
Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine is about to live again
Chris Sawyer’s Locomotion struggles with CD detection
Chroma-Hash gives a new way of confirming passwords
CMIS 1.0 specification now available for comment
Colourblindness and computers
Combinations, permutations and factorials in C#
Complex numbers in C#
Compression using C#
Creating a basic map using the Google Maps API
Creating barcodes in C#
Creating my first Firefox extension
Cufon brings any font to a browser near you
Dance class woes, or, How to push away your customers
Daylight savings
Dear spammers, please get the hint!
Die Antwoord is NOT the answer
Do-it-yourself publishing with Lulu
Doggie loyalty
Doing online surveys does not pay
Don’t panic. It is only swine flu
Drawing spirals in C#
Dutch curiosity #10: The Canta
Dutch curiosity #11: A penny saved
Dutch curiosity #12: Sidewalk shopping
Dutch curiosity #13: New Years Eve
Dutch curiosity #14: Salmiak
Dutch curiosity #15: Where’s my bacon?
Dutch curiosity #16: Folding bicycles
Dutch curiosity #17: Spicy means something else in the Netherlands
Dutch curiosity #18 – Tea without milk
Dutch curiosity #18: Queen’s Day
Dutch Curiosity #19: Wandeling
Dutch curiosity #1: Dutch toilets
Dutch curiosity #2: Stairways from hell
Dutch curiosity #3: Very public urinals
Dutch curiosity #4: Gridlike forests
Dutch curiosity #5: Dutch TV
Dutch curiosity #6: Cycle lane pedestrian crossings
Dutch curiosity #7: Snack insanity
Dutch curiosity #8: Sint Maarten
Dutch curiosity #9: Sinterklaas
Dygraphs Javascript Visualization Library
Emigrating to the Netherlands
Escher and the art of Lego
Esoteric programming languages aplenty
Fast, cheap internet is not quite a reality in SA….yet
Faster string concatenations in JavaScript
Finally back up again
Finding free audiobooks on Audible
Finding invalid HTML code is elementary, my dear Watson
Finding the bearing between two GPS coordinates
Finding the distance between two GPS coordinates
Finding the maximum file upload size in PHP
Finding the midpoint of two coordinates
Finding the prime factors of a number in C#
FMSLogo still shows old languages never die
Focus in jQuery
Fractals in C#: Brownian motion
Fractals in C#: Fern fractals
Fractals in C#: Julia sets
Fractals in C#: Newton-Rhapson fractals
Fractals in C#: Plasma fractals
Fractals in C#: Sierpinksi triangles and squares
Fractals in C#: T-Square fractals
Fractals in C#: The Lorentz attractor
Fractals in C#: The Mandelbrot set
Free web hosting is worth what you pay for it
Friday Flashback: Into the Eagles Nest
Friday Flashback: Star Trek – The Old Generation
Funny Farm – a sure way to lose several hours of your life
Generating various audio waveforms in C#
Getting Adobe Air and paste events to play nicely
Getting ExtJS 3.0 to work in Adobe Air
Getting SA behind the SKA telescope
Ghosts of parents past
Give me some of that Christmas cheer
Go – the new open-source language coming out of Google
Google (Mis)Translate
Google Charts API and scientific equations
Google Code University
Google Font API
Google Maps is not limited to Earth
Google Maps Navigation released on Android
Google Maps South Africa has been launched
Google rewards exposing their weaknesses
Google+ is (not) dead!
GRAMPS – A pretty decent genealogy app
Gramps and the Obscure Language Setting
Hairdressing bliss
Happy birthday to me!
How an abacus square-root routine can help programmers
How browser incompatibility can waste my day
How to dump a Javascript object
How to use Google Maps 3 directions
HTML5 spec is losing the video codec. There goes web standards out of the window again
If you live on the cutting edge, prepare to bleed
Ignoring duplicate records in MySQL
Image Processing in C#: Adjusting the brightness
Image Processing in C#: Adjusting the gamma
Image Processing in C#: Applying a mean removal
Image Processing in C#: Colour filters
Image Processing in C#: Contrast
Image Processing in C#: Converting an image to greyscale
Image Processing in C#: Decreasing the colour depth
Image Processing in C#: Embossing
Image Processing in C#: Gaussian blur
Image Processing in C#: Getting that old-time effect with sepia
Image Processing in C#: Inverting an image
Image Processing in C#: Sharpening the image
Image Processing in C#: Smoothing using convolution
Impact: Earth
Intercal – An arcane language with a sense of humour
Interesting ways to load javascript files
It feels great to be descended from royalty
It is not only IT projects that end up late and overbudget!
Iterating over char values in C#
Javascript error handling idiosyncrasies
Javascript library for functional programming support
JSNES: A new online Javascript NES emulator
Just 10 days to go…now if that volcano would just play along
KnowledgeTree 3.7 released
Lambda functions in Javascript
Let’s hope Windows 7 is good
Low level bit hacks
Man’s best friend since 10’000BC
Math.stackexchange is out of beta
Mathematical algorithms in c#: Finding the greatest common divisor
Mathematical modelling of a zombie attack
Maths algorithms in C#: Least squares fit with a log abscissa
Maths algorithms in C#: Least squares fit with a log ordinate
Maths algorithms in C#: Linear least squares fit
Maths algorithms in C#: Standard deviation
Maths algorithms in C#: The Arithmetic mean
Maths algorithms in C#: The geometric mean
Maths algorithms in C#: The median
Maths algorithms in C#: Variance
Maths alogrithms in C#: Least squares fit using full logs
Matrices in C#
Monopoly goes MMO with Monopoly City Streets
My apologies for the technical difficulties
My blogs first award – The GeneaBlog Awards 2010
My Christmas top ten hit parade
My Experimentation with Android
My favourite Windows Mobile applications
My first Android app – A Dutch public holiday app
My first year in the Netherlands
My most useful Git commands
My pirate experience, courtesy of the circus
My shiny new Samsung Galaxy S
Navigation doggie-style
New address, and back in business
Night Sky Tools
Noop – A new programming language built on Java
O3D turns to WebGL
O3D Tutorial 10: Interacting with an object
O3D Tutorial 11: Calculating the frame rate
O3D Tutorial 12: Textures
O3D Tutorial 13: Setting a background image
O3D Tutorial 14: Loading a scene
O3D Tutorial 15: Getting the color of a pixel in an image
O3D Tutorial 16: A more intuitive camera
O3D Tutorial 17: Creating a terrain with a heightmap
O3D Tutorial 18: Calculating normals
O3D Tutorial 19: Combining a phong and texture shader
O3D Tutorial 1: Initialising an O3D application
O3D Tutorial 20: Multiple lights
O3D Tutorial 2: Drawing a cube
O3D Tutorial 3: Writing some text to the screen
O3D Tutorial 4: The beginnings of a HUD
O3D Tutorial 5: Capturing keyboard input
O3D Tutorial 6: Introducing the mouse
O3D Tutorial 7: Moving the Javascript and shaders out of the HTML
O3D Tutorial 8: Using primitives
O3D Tutorial 9: Phong shading
O3D: Fast, powerful 3D applications in a web browser
Object oriented Javascript
Obtaining the contents of a folder in C#
On the trail of a Simon’s Town ghost
Online compilation with Ideone
Our pets can sometimes surprise us
PCGPE on the web
PHP functionality from within Javascript
Plasmatic – My second Android app
Playing games on Windows Mobile
Pootle 2.0 – Translations made easy
Power to the people: Cooks Source and social media at work
Project Euler gives programmers some fun mental sharpening
Proportionately resizing a bitmap in C#
Readable fonts 1 pixel wide
Realtime client-server interaction in JavaScript using NowJS
Right, now for a cup of tea
Running android and Ubuntu on the Xperia X1
SA out of the champions trophy but had a good fight
Shapado – competition for Stackoverflow or just another clone?
Simplicity in software development
So close, yet so far
Social media can make a difference
Social vs Traditional Gaming
Solving quadratic equation roots in C#
Some interesting (but basic) Batch-file Fu
Sorry for my lack of posts
South Africa finally allows petrol on credit card
South African Curiosity #1: How to understand us when we speak
South African Curiosity #2: The Braaimasters of the World, supposedly
South African Curiosity #3: Telling time
Statistical calculations using JavaScript
Strikes becoming silly even for South Africa
Subway map generator plugin for jQuery
Sumbandila satellite takes to the skies
Swine flu – Out of control or out of proportion?
Telkom a little miffed about Winston the Pigeon
Temptation around the Christmas tree
That song really says what!
The astronomical insignificance of 2012
The awesomeness that is Android
The Bell System Technical Journal online
The best browser for the Windows Mobile
The blood of Kings
The car manufacturers spare parts price racket
The dangers of being exposed to opera music
The effect of the modern internet, or, the revival of Skifree
The first iPhone virus strikes
The Global Telescope Network
The good stuff in CSS3
The growing plague of video tutorials
The heroic feat of coding in Whitespace
The Living Art Project
The mystery of the missing hamster
The Night Sky Notebook sees the light of day!
The perfect storm
The problem with South African genealogy
The Render Engine
The SARS makes paying taxes such a pleasure
The settling in period
The site that would make maths geeks drool
The Sony Ericsson Xperia X1
The soundtrack of my youth
The stranglehold of pseudoscience
The strength of Titanium
The tale of the Wii elephant
The Tao of Programming
The ultimate list of free programming books on Qink
The value of experience in programming
The Virtual Barbershop
The weather it’s a-changing
Titanium 0.7 is now out with some great new features
Titanium Tutorial: Accessing files on the local system
Titanium Tutorial: Browsing folder contents programmatically
Titanium Tutorial: Calling the Titanium API from a remote file
Titanium Tutorial: How to upload a file to a server
Titanium Tutorial: Setting up a menu
Titanium Tutorial: Using the file selection dialog boxes
Titanium Tutorial: Using the SQLite database synchronously
Titanium Tutorial: Window management
Titanium Tutorials: Embedding Flash objects in a Titanium window
Traffic chaos in the Mother City
Transferring files using SFTP in C#
Turning the page in HTML5
Universe Sandbox – A great gravitation simulator
Update on my Netherlands move
Updating the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1
Using bookmarklets – a novel way to search Wikipedia, amongst other uses
Using jQuery to find JavaScript events
Using Markhov chaining to generate random words
Using MobilePress to make blogs look better on smartphones
Using MySQL from Visual Studio.NET
Using the Javascript Date object
Vector graphics in JavaScript using Raphael
Vectors in C#
Verily, the Shakespeare Programming Language existeth
Vista reinstallation blues
Voyage Century Online
What type of sicko is able to mistreat an animal so?
Whoever dreamt up Snakes and Ladders?
Whoever said a car was an asset
Why are they still selling Hotel Giant?
Why do we follow Brent crude?
Why I hate the iPhone
Writing a family tree application in C# – Importing a Gedcom file – Part 2
Writing a family tree application in C# – Importing a Gedcom file – Part 1
Writing a family tree application in C# – The underlying structure
Writing a unit convertor in C#
Writing an exchange rate graph in PHP – Part four: The finishing touches
Writing an exchange rate graph in PHP – Part one: Getting the data
Writing an exchange rate graph in PHP – Part three: Keeping up-to-date
Writing an exchange rate graph in PHP – Part two: Drawing the graph