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Finally, after a few days of work, I have managed to salvage most of my previous blog posts from Centre of the Universe.

There are still a few missing, which over time, if the feeling so strikes, I may write up again, but for the most part everything is back where it should be.

Having said that, it is quite likely that there are faulty links, or similar gremlins that may surface, so please leave a comment if you happen to find anything amiss.


Centre of the universe went down a few weeks ago, but I have managed to bring up my blog again, but under the new name of Smoky Cogs. I thought it would be nice for a name change, and a little bit of rebranding.

I have restored most of my posts, but over the next while I will try and save as many of the posts that are missing as possible (as of right now that amounts to everything since last November).

Let the updates flow….