When trying to decide what phone to get with my cellphone upgrade recently, for a brief millisecond the thought of the iPhone crossed my mind. That thought didn’t last very long though, since I am certainly not a fan of it.

For one thing, it lacks a full keyboard – or at least a physical one so that you can type easily. I am a person who spends most of my time on my phone using the internet or writing sms’s or mails, therefore being able to type quickly is a big thing for me.

The biggest factor for me though is Apple themselves. Or rather, their policies. You can only add software for your phone from the Apple iStore. And Apple reserve the right to remotely remove any software on your phone that they deem inappropiate. I feel that is a little bit of an invasion of my piracy.

Also, recently, Apple have been annoying software developers by seemingly randomly disapproving applications – some of which had already been approved earlier and were already being sold in the iStore.

For these reasons, I will never buy an iPhone