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Flash gaming has taken off in a big way. Personally, though, I have had little time for them, as I find most of them interesting for about 5 minutes and then they become repetitive to the point of exasperation.

For those of you who would like to remedy this and write an actual decent Flash game – or just join the thousands others who want to get in on some of that action games like Farmville are enjoying, I found a site which lists quite a few good Flash game engines, with a few other resources thrown in to boot.

They cover 2D and 3D games, and include things like physics engines too.

Now go out there and create that Flash game you always dreamed of…


Ah, the sheer programming bliss. I have been eagerly awaiting getting my hands on Adobe Air 2.0.

It has included a host of features that will make my life so much easier. It boasts a faster Webkit engine, making Javascript-based libraries run much faster. Improved network functionality, and the file promise API are other delectable additions.

Included in both Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe Air 2.0 is support for touch-screen monitors and support for the inbuilt mic so sound recording is now possible too.

Still have to wait for the mobile version of Flash Player 10.1 though…hopefully for not too much longer.


I was very pleasantly surprised to find that Appcelerator Titanium has the ability to embed Flash objects into a Titanium window.

For a normal web browser, before the browser can display a Flash object, the Flash player needs to be installed as a plugin on the computer first. Titanium, however, has got the Flash player included already, which means that when working with Flash, you never need worry about showing a message asking the user to install the plugin before they can view the site. It just always works.

There are two ways in which a Flash object can be embedded into a page. It can either be done with an <object> tag, or using the Javascript swfobject object.
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