As far as meat goes in the Netherlands, pork is one of the predominant meat varieties available, and you can get every possible pork product here from dozens of types of ham to pork sausages, chops, fillets, and even pork mince, but there is one pork product that is severely lacking in this country – real bacon.

The Dutch do pretend to sell bacon, but it is completely different to the bacon that I am used to – the kind of bacon that goes so nicely with fried eggs, fresh toast, and pork sausages.

The bacon you get here in general tends to be much thinner than normal bacon, and, in my exerience, either far too salty, or not salty enough.

The Dutch have the habit of eating bacon raw, on sandwiches, much like ham, but I do suppose that can be excused, because as soon as you try to cook this bacon, it turns into hard thin cripsy bits.

If anyone can tell me where to find some real bacon, I am begging you, please let me know where! A life without bacon is no life at all!