Having recently created an account on Audible.com, I have been trying to find interesting titles to add to my library.

As most people would probably agree, it is always nice to get something for free, so I was rather eager to try out a suggestion I read in a Lifehacker article on how to use Google to search for free audiobooks on the audible site.

It is dreadfully simple. Simply enter the following search query into Google, and you get scores of results:

$0.00 -Excerpt -Interview -Chapter -Extract -Speech -Sample -"A Conversation" -"This is Audible" site:audible.com

It can also be modified to suite exactly what you are looking for.

One additional thing I did do though, is to use this query to create a Google Alert, so that whenever a new free title gets picked up by Google, I will be immediately notified, allowing me to take advantage.

How often I will get that alert is something that only time will tell now…