A few days ago, I got a question in regards to my tutorials on my blog from Kamal, and was quite surprised when I saw his credentials. mybloggingplanet.com

Kamal works for the NASA Education and Public Outreach Group at the Sonoma State University. Yes, that is right, I said he has some association with NASA. That dream of every kid who has any interest in space at all.

And no, he is not an astronaut (although I have no doubt he would jump at the chance) but is involved in creating educational material about NASA’s high-energy astrophysics space missions.

Kamal’s blog, Science Square, focuses on science. It is very interesting reads and rather than concentrating on high-end science that only a phD student could understand, all his articles are easily accessible to the average person.

He is also one of the authors of the web comic Epo’s Chronicle.