A few days ago, I was having a look at whether or not online surveys could be a viable source of a little extra cash. The result of my investigations – don’t believe the hype. It borders on being a scam.

First off, after spending an entire evening just finding as many survey sites to list myself on I was feeling a little frustrated. If you are living in the Netherlands, there are not all that many that will allow you to register, and of those that do, they are not all they are cracked up to be.

For one thing, for all of the sites I found, there is a minimum level at which they will pay you out , usually set to around $50. This might not sound terribly high, until you find out how much you are likely to earn.

For each survey you fill in, you are likely to get anything from $0.50 to $5. The real kicker here is, the survey companies do not pile hundreds of surveys on you, enabling you to rake in the cash.

For me, after 2 weeks, only ONE site, out of about half a dozen that I joined, sent me any surveys to complete at all, and even then this site has only sent me 3 surveys.

From these 3 surveys I have so far earned 25 “points”, but need 1000 points to cash out and get $50 – making those 25 points worth roughly $1.25. The entire amount of money I have been able to earn in 2 weeks is $1.25.

Frankly, I have much better things I can waste my free time on than fill in online surveys.