When I saw Harry the hamster’s cage this morning, I noticed that that little escape artist had found a way out and was missing.

Searching every hiding place that we could think of, we could find no trace of him at all.

This leads to a few suspects who could be responsible for the disappearance of poor Harry.

Was it Noisette, our Staffie? While she loves to chase small objects and is, by instinct, predisposed to hunting small rodents, she was soundly sleeping next to me on the bed all night last night, so she has a pretty tight alibi.

How about Garfield, our cat? Every day he sits right in front of the hamster cage eying out Harry, just waiting for an opportunity to strike. I think this is unlikely too, since no trace of either a body, or blood has been found anywhere, and besides, as much as Garfield tries, he has never caught anything in his life.

This probably means that he has gone into hiding somewhere. Now the hamster-hunt begins. I found this site which gives a few tips in finding the elusive rodents.

So, will Harry be found dead or alive……and was he murdered? Stay tuned to the next episode of The mystery of the missing hamster

EDIT: Harry has still not been found. This case will just have to be filed as unsolved.