This afternoon I took my car to a place in Maitland, and got the best darn news a guy can get. It is going to cost me less than R3000 to do the steering rack.

This would of course constitute bad news on any other day, but not today. For you see, last Friday, I took my car into the Hyundai dealer to determine what the problem with my steering was, and they told me, after keeping my car there the whole day, that my steering rack had to be replaced and was going to cost about R9000. And did I mention that this was the third time my car had been there and each time they changed their mind as to the problem.

After I gave the manager hard time about wasting my time so each time, he decided to concede that a much cheaper option was this other place he knew of, although officially he was not allowed to tell me.

So anyway, when I took my car in today, it took the guy a whole 3 minutes to veify that it indeed was the steering rack, and made my day by cutting my repair cost to a third of the official quote.

Now here is my question: How does it take 3 visits and 4 days of having my car at the garage for an authorised dealer to identify a problem with my car, and then still charging me a fortune simply because Hyundai would rather ship steering racks as a complete assembly rather than the components so I have no option but to buy the whole unit, whereas Enrico was able to do the exact same in about 5 minute?

The only thing I am left wondering is, how much would I get for a trade-in, so that I can buy a car with a service plan!