In 10 days time, we hop on a plane, first spending the weekend in Johannesburg, before flying on to Amsterdam. That is if that volcano in Iceland the name of which only an Icelander could pronounce decides to quieten down a little.

The runup to our departure has been a little bit on the stressful side.

Last Thursday, just before I was about to sell my car, I rear-ended someone in the traffic on the way home from work. Not the sort of thing you want happening with two weeks left to get insurance and repairs sorted, let alone having to sell the car.

Then that volcano bringing the European airspace to its knees is not exactly good news for me either. It would not be a problem if the closure was only very brief, but latest reports are showing that despite every effort to open up European airspace, Mother Nature seems intent on keeping everyone grounded.

It has not reached crisis point for me yet, but every day that ash cloud lingers causes me to stress just that little bit more.

At least all the other stress of the move is dying down a little. Our shipping is sorted, and pets all taken care of – Noisette waiting to come join us in Europe, and Garfield settling in nicely in his new home.

Now we just need to get there….Emigration is certainly not for the faint of heart